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The Good Samaritan School, Wakiso, Uganda (report)

The school continues to grow and now has over 250 pupils more or less equally split between boys and girls.

The schoole continues to grow and now has over 250 pupils more or less equally split between boys and girls.

There are 10 teachers who all live nearby, mostly in small houses that the school pays rent for, so we are hoping to begin building some teachers accommodation which will save money as well as having the teachers living at the school. I am taking another group of twenty 6th form students in July and they have made it their project to raise some money to start building. The good thing about Uganda is that there is no planning permission and building costs are very low!
Although not all the pupils live at school, there are still a substantial number who have no family and call school home. Currently the boys use a classroom as a dormitory and the girls what was a converted goat shed whilst others go home with teachers who themselves live in very poor accommodation.

The living accommodation was becoming a headache, when, as often seems to happen, a solution came up. An anonymous donor heard about the school and is funding a new dormitory block! This will house the boys and girls in separate rooms as well as having a veranda for them to use. This is now well underway and there are some pictures to see.

Its now about 7 years since we started work in earnest at Good Samaritan School, so children who were there then have started to move in to early adulthood. The first of these was Martin, he is an orphan who still lives at the school, but through determination and hard work has just been accepted at Teacher Training College and there are others that are doing well at Secondary School.

In the early days the school struggled to give shelter and a very basic education, but now is performing well in the National Primary Leaving Exams, the equivalent of our old 11 plus, which is vitally important if they are to have any education beyond Primary level.

Its always a pleasure to visit school and see familiar children growing and happy, but also to take our students and see the lasting effect that it has on them. I have been particularly delighted that two young people who visited with me a couple of years ago are currently working as volunteers in Uganda for several months.
Other good news is that since we took football and netball kit to the school the teams are doing well in a local league, it
s amazing what a smart kit and team spirit will do!

Im always aware that we have plenty of problems here at home, but making a real difference in a place like Uganda doesnt cost much and really does save young lives.
Thank you for your support
.and if anyone wants to visit, let me know, I always take a group of adults either just before or after the Students visit to experience the beauty and culture of Uganda, not to say the Gorillas!

Good Samaritan School Uganda

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The Church

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Parent and Toddler Group

 Toddler Group 1

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Young at Heart Over 50's Group

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Downstairs Cafe Room and Kitchen

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Upstairs Church Rooms

 Upstairs Childrens Activity Room

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Recent Decorating Working Party at Church

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Working Party

Working Party Tea

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Outdoor Service & Sponsored Walk at Grane Reservoir

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Messy Church

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Cafe Sundae Youth Group

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Fundraising Murder Mystery Evening

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The Old Church

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