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History of the Church - War Again 1940

Written and Researched by Joe Teasdale

In January, 1940, dry rot was found in the School floor, and was quickly dealt with. In July, 1941 it was agreed that we purchase an extra 10 tons of coal, ready for the winter, and store it outside.

In July, 1944, a letter was received from the Home Guard, regarding the ‘Invasion Arrangements’. Later that year, a letter was sent to the local Fuel Controller, complaining that the coke for the boiler was in very short supply.

The only casualty in the 1939/45 war was Albert Mobbs. The Trustees decided to add his name to the bottom of the previous war’s casualty list.

In 1948 the tenants of Higher Limes were asked if they wished to purchase their property. In 1951 an independent valuer was brought in, and the property was finally sold in 1952.

In the summer of 1949, a firm of architects was asked to inspect the Chapel.

The resulting report was placed before a General Church Meeting for them to decide whether to renovate the Chapel at a cost of £3000, or to demolish it, and transfer the Services into the School premises.

A month afterwards, a resolution was passed stating:

  1. We resolve to proceed with the immediate demolition of the Chapel, and that the School be altered for the put-poses of Worship
  2. That the Architect be asked to take steps to prevent the spread of Dry Rot from the Chapel to the School.

In May 1950, the Church Organ was sold to a Baptist Church in Liverpool, for £450