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History of the Church - Heating of the Premises

Written and Researched by Joe Teasdale

In 1951 a proposal was made that we change the method of heating, from coke to gas. Instead in April 1961, we changed from coke to fuel oil.

It was in October, 1993, when the Chapel was being planned to move downstairs, that the heating fuel was finally converted to gas.

The Chapel was re-opened in the upstairs part of the School building, in April 1953, with most of the work being done by the men of the Church.

The Manse at Hawthorn House was proving expensive to maintain, and the Circuit was asked to give financial assistance for this in 1957, but by 1973, responsibility for this property was transferred fully to the Circuit. Pew rents were discontinued in 1957, and a year later, it was decided that no more graves would be put up for sale, but that burials could still continue for the present.

In July 1959, our Trustees sent a formal letter to the Trustees of Bethesda Chapel, inviting them to join the Trust at Newchurch. The two Churches decided to amalgamate, and Messrs. L. C. Greig, J. H. Hoyle and K. Brennand joined the Trust.

The Rev. Stafford Mortimer joined the Church in 1962, and he talked about a ‘Stewardship Campaign’ which had been held at his previous Church and which had proved to be a success. This idea was put into action at Newchurch, and proved to be successful both financially and socially.

On two Sunday Evenings in 1991, after the evening service, a “Moody & Sankey Songs of Praise” evening was held. These were attended by many Rossendale churchgoers, quite a few of whom were non-Methodist. Norman Greenwood played the piano, and Shirley Suthers led the singing.

From the old to the new - we are now in the computer age, the Trust schedule requires information about ‘Data Protection’.

After two break-ins in 1992, it was decided to fix security bars to all the windows on the Ashlands side of the building.

During the following year, the men of the church, under the guidance of Brian Hollinrake, replaced all the old flooring in the big hall upstairs.