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History of the Church - Chapel Downstairs

Written and Researched by Joe Teasdale

After many years of discussion, the scheme to move the Chapel downstairs was approved, after being fully costed by Mr. Andrew Brown, who then was appointed to be the Architect in charge. The figure quoted was £50,000.00. Work to commence in October 1994.

The floor was to be composed of ash blocks on top of the original concrete. The chairs to be covered by a red fire-resistant material, and have metal frames. The first three windows to have stained glass in them. The designs which Andrew Brown submitted for these windows were heartily approved.

The dedication service for the New Chapel was held on Saturday, January 14th, 1995, and was opened by the District Chairman, the Rev. David Reddish.

The preacher was Rev. Tony Brazier, who had first proposed the project.

The old chapel furniture was successfully dismantled and sold, with only a little damage to the floor, which the men of the church quickly repaired, in readiness for the room becoming the ‘Youth Group Room’. The young people then decorated the room, and in 1996 a new hard wearing carpet was laid to complete the scheme.

During the following year, the church path was re-laid from the gate to the main door, with a ramp included for disabled access

The Scouts ( Hopkins’ Own Group), celebrated 75 years of activity on November 9th

In 1998 it was suggested that we install a pay-phone in the lounge, but the treasurer was very concerned regarding finance as a whole, so it was not approved. Over the last year, our expenditure was £1,000.00 more than our income.

In 1999 Geoff Colbert retired after celebrating 50 years as the Newchurch Secretary for the National Children’s Home.

New Methodist regulations require the Church to install a loop system to assist the hard of hearing. Financial assistance is available from the authorities.

Year 2000 - Finance again! If each individual’s giving was covenanted, then the Church could claim tax relief from the authorities, This was discussed at length, and it was decided to ‘advertise’ this in the newsletter.

Also in this year, Church stalwarts Pat & Chris Payne, moved to Norfolk. Best wishes and thanks for all they have done for this Church were expressed by all.